GC African Poker

GC African Poker

The Game Collections "AP Connected" or former "African Poker" is a well known strategy game played with 32 cards in Africa. This is a multi-players’ game rated medium maturity. You can connect with fellow Africans to chat or practice your African countries and capitals knowledge with the Quiz mode.

You will have to challenge the computer throughout various playing mode such as: Training to easily assess the game play, Arcade for a quick game, Marathon to be able to test your endurance, and Multi-Players to have fun with friends. It is available in different languages such as Fon (Benin), English, French, Chinese, and Japanese on Android 5.0+ and iOS 15.0+ (smartphones and tablets).

Tools: Java, Kotlin, AIDL, Common Android Design Patterns, MultiThreading, Handlers, AsyncTask, Remote Services, Gradle, Mockito, Espresso, Android DDMS, Git, Lifecycle, Paging, ViewModel, Room, DataSource, LiveData, SQLite, Firebase, Android Keystore, Eclipse, Android Studio. SwiftUI, Swift5, Core Data, CocoaPods, Apple Design Principles and Apps Interface Guidelines, XCode.


03 January 2018


Android, iOS


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