The engineering division of BenSino EG SASU is not operating yet, so come back later for your full business solutions assessment.

Its goal is to showcase African engineering within both software and systems in order to incite others for getting into the engineering wagon. That is why our highly skilled engineers are working hard to provide the most advanced technologies to worldwide businesses. Meanwhile, feel it, it is almost here.

The plan is to first engineer in-house software packages for the Gaming and IT divisions to demonstrate their efficiency and benefits for other businesses. Then, market and adapt them to each business needs. The other approach is to use the two other divisions' reputations to evaluate our clients businesses needs and offer them customized engineering solutions. This is basically our software engineering solutions strategy to become visible and then be able to bid for large companies outsourcing projects.

The success of the above strategy will finance our very expensive engineered systems development. We will then be able not only to develop our own software but also to buy required software licenses in order to efficiently design and manufacture new complex engineered systems. This is the inception of BenSino Engineering Consulting Firm that will deliver full scale engineering solutions soon. For a preview, please visit its website here.


We are a value-added engineering company that is entirely devoted to engineer long-term solutions for the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria. Our mission is to actively contribute to the industrialization of Africa by the private sector. Hence, we are engineering our own technologies to tackle our common issues.

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