The IT division of BenSino EG SASU is partnered with Comergence to provide better enterprise solutions to their recurrent issues. That leads to the design and development of ASDBMS and EMS enterprise web applications. Both applications design documents are available within the "Intranet / Documentation" section in their corresponding subsections.

The aim here is to be one of the worldwide leaders in term of enterprise IT solutions development. This is what fuel your African enterprise solutions for high-end database management systems with web and mobile applications that your businesses are using for their daily activities.

Our strategy is to first acquire the right to disclose previous projects' design documents as cases studies so that new clients can have a sense of how we engineer our enterprise solutions. Then we can seek new contracts similar to what have been done for the cases studies. Meanwhile, the second strategy is to continue innovating by developing in-house software packages to solve some of the IT well-known issues or improve existing solutions. They will be then commercialized and licensed to small and medium businesses.

The IT division is always up to date with the latest available technologies and strives to provide simple solutions to complex problems. For more details on all offered IT services, please visit BenSino Information Technology Corporation website.


We are a value-added engineering company that is entirely devoted to engineer long-term solutions for the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria. Our mission is to actively contribute to the industrialization of Africa by the private sector. Hence, we are engineering our own technologies to tackle our common issues.

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