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 All our major published titles will be highlighted here with proper descriptions and links to the targeted platform so that they can be downloaded or purchased easily.

Currently available games

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"African Poker Sim", "African Poker", and "African Poker Free"

African Poker Tile

Google Play Store

The game is based on a well known African card game. It is a one player game accessible for everyone. You will have to challenge the computer throughout various playing mode such as: Training to easily assess the game play, Arcade for a quick game, and Marathon to be able to push up the bidding. You can practice your African countries and capitals knowledge with the Quiz mode. It is available on smartphones and tablets in different languages such as English, French, Chinese, and Fon: yep! big up to the homies at home. Download the free versions today and have fun like you have never experienced before.


We are a value-added engineering company that is entirely devoted to engineer long-term solutions for the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria. Our mission is to actively contribute to the industrialization of Africa by the private sector. Hence, we are engineering our own technologies to tackle our common issues.

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