The Morya’s Garden

The Morya’s Garden

The Morya’s Garden is a professional responsive ecommerce website designed for Morya Sín Jadɛ́ɛ̀n; a self-funded and privately held company that is modernizing our traditional African medicine. It operates as a cooperative for the well-being of all. It is an MVC architecture application with Drupal Commerce framework.

Tools: PHP, JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Chrome DevTools, Node.js, NPM, Drush, Composer, Drupal 8, Twig, Apache HTTP, MySQL, PhPMyAdmin.


03 January 2018


Drupal Commerce


We are a value-added engineering company that is entirely devoted to engineer long-term solutions for the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria. Our mission is to actively contribute to the sustainable industrialization of Africa by the private sector. Hence, we are engineering our own technologies to tackle our common issues.

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